MAN Varus HLF 20 4x4 Schlingmann

Revell | Scale 1:24 First Revell model after many many years, this one was very difficult because of many parts (almost 300), all of them in pure-white plastic (or clear) - literally every part needed to be painted. A lot of airbrush work, many opportunities to make mistakes, lot of new, unknown colours that I had to learn to use :) But with all of these came a lot of satisfaction once the vehicle was finished. I always dreamed of creating something 'big' so that I could train my airbrush skills, and so that it would look spectacular. I always thought of a coach or a city bus, but a fire-truck was even better! I didn't do too much weathering, except from the engine and transmission unit. I am thinking of applying some dirt to the chassis, wheels etc. but maybe later. Even if I do - I know I will leave the rest of exterior 'clean'. The only customised part is the dashboard and the steering wheel (I didn't like the version suggested by Revell), and also I made one of the front light bulbs as turn signals (orange) - based on a little research on how these trucks are in reality.
and traditionally - some pictures of the making-of process (there is a lot more of these):