Tarot 450 'Iron Man'

My most 'pimped up' model. And of coure - my first after 'Belt' model made of alluminium and carbon. It went through a lot of modifications (as you can see on the pictures) of look and setup. BeastX stabilization proves itself the best. Recently - the Iron Man canopy is long gone, it was lost in a tragic crash in 2015.
Mechanical setup / Kit: Frame/Kit: Tarot 450 Pro, Head: Tarot DFC, Tail grips: Tarot Thrust, Blades: RJX Energy/ZEAL 325mm, Canopy: Fusuno
Electronic setup: Blade servos: ALZRC DS452MG (3x), Tail servo: KST DS565X H, Motor: Scorpion HKII-2221-10, ESC: Dualsky XC-65-Lite 65A, RX/FBL: Spektrum AR7100BX