Gaui X5

It's almost the size of 550. Bought during summer of 2015 from tom4cad, used. Equipped with BeastX stabilization, flies really delightful :) After purchase I replaced the masacred Fusuno canopy into a new green-blue Formula; so that the model would start to look new :) However at the beginning of 2019 my X5 got a brand new Fusuno canopy agai. The model is powered by 6S LiPos of 3300 - 3700 mAh; I also used some  4000mAh HD Turnigy, but they were a bit too heavy for the X5, besides they work fo X7 now.
Mechanical setup / Kit: Frame/Kit: GAUI X5 V2, Blades: EDGE/ZEAL/RJX Energy 520mm
Electronic setup: Blade servos: Align DS610 (3x), Tail servo: Align DS650, Motor: Scorpion GM-601 6S 910KV by Danielus (~1000KV), ESC: GUEC GE-610, BEC: RJX Power BEC 40A, RX: Spektrum AR9020, FBL: Micro BeastX