E-Sky Belt (CP CX) > 'BELTarot'

My absolute first heli model. It's not really a toy, but it's also far from a proper RC 3D helo, but with some modifications it was able to perform actually quite well. It taught me a lot, it was rebuilt many times. At first it was equipped with original canopy (CP CX) of a scale model of helicopter, later it was replaced with a green CP V2 Belt canopy. 'BELTarot' it was my project of major upgrade of Belt - in fact turning it into a hybrid with a Tarot 450 FBL :) BELTarot was made in 2014. I did it as an experiment, wasn't really hoping it will fly, but it did. Model was doing great, it went through some more modifications and upgrades. It was the one that I did the first backflip by the end of 2014! Whole creation process and later mods were once described on the EPHeli forum, but unfortunately it's long gone now :(
Mechanical setup / Kit: Frame/Kit: E-Sky Belt CP/CX + TAROT 450, Head: Tarot FBL, Blades: RJX 325mm
Electronic setup: Blade servos: Hitec DS 5065MG (3x), Tail servo: KST DS 215MG, Motor: Turnigy H2223 3500KV, ESC: Dualsky XC-45-Lite 45A, RX: Spektrum AR6210, FBL: Tarot ZYX